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Inflight messaging

Keep flyers connected to the world below with our messaging services.

An ideal addition to our connectivity solutions, Gogo's low-bandwidth messaging services ensure passengers will never miss a minute. Gogo® Smartphone App Messaging enables smartphone application messaging while Gogo® Text allows passengers to exchange SMS messages using their own contact list and device.


Gogo Smartphone App Messaging

With Gogo Smartphone App Messaging, flyers can stay in touch with friends and family wherever they travel through popular messaging apps, including iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber. Smartphone App Messaging also supports Voice-Over-Wi-Fi platforms, which enable both voice and SMS technology.

Messaging features and benefits:

  • Supports more messaging applications than anyone else in the industry
  • Available at a low price point, making it the perfect offering for price-conscious passengers
  • Uses significantly less bandwidth than other inflight connectivity products
  • Ready for immediate implementation onto any aircraft

Gogo Text

Unlike Smartphone App Messaging, Gogo Text allows flyers to use their own smartphone and personal contacts to exchange SMS messages in flight. Available with or without Gogo® Talk, our inflight voice service, Gogo Text doesn't require any additional equipment, offering significant cost savings compared to picocell solutions. With the ability for easy integration into your airline's own branded app and more global coverage than competing services, this low-bandwidth product is the perfect complement to any aircraft.

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