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Gogo Vision

Movies and TV shows streamed directly to passengers' devices – all while tailored to the unique needs of your airline.

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As the most widely deployed wireless IFE service, Gogo Vision® delivers content directly to passengers' most-used Wi-Fi devices. Features and content can be customized to your passengers – including localized titles and movies from your airline's content service provider. And since it's available with or without connectivity, it's an ideal solution for any type of aircraft.

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See why airlines choose Gogo Vision more than any other wireless IFE service.


Key features and benefits

  • Easily integrated into your airline's app
  • Offered with or without connectivity to fit any aircraft type
  • Flexible business models allow your airline to offer content for free or pay-per-view
  • Streamlined content process minimizes labor, along with comprehensive support for every aspect of service
  • Compatible with laptops, iPad, iPhone and most Android devices, passengers have full control of their viewing experience
  • Integrate your airline's own content, as well as localized and proprietary content from your service provider
  • Deliver global content via Spafax®, which offers more than 300 global titles
  • Supports multiple languages and currencies, as well as airline loyalty programs
  • Closed captioning available
  • Adaptable to include future entertainment options, including music, e-magazines, e-books, games, and more
  • Installation can be completed in less than 8 hours

Fit for any fleet

Gogo Vision doesn't require inflight connectivity, making it a viable solution for any aircraft in your fleet – including regional and narrow-body jets. Aircraft without connectivity can easily add any of our IFC solutions at a later date.


Easy content integration

Whether you want to offer content from your provider or ours, we've got you covered. We can integrate your airline's own unique content, as well as localized and proprietary content from your service provider, or provide entertainment through our global content partner, Spafax®.


Personalize the entertainment experience

With the Gogo® Custom Portal option, your airline has the ability to personalize Gogo Vision for your flyers. Integrate customer relationship management programs (CRMs) to offer free content to valuable customers by seat number, ticket number, or frequent flyer number, allowing your airline to open new marketing opportunities and build loyalty.

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Bring Gogo Vision onboard

Here's what your aircraft need to bring Gogo Vision onboard:

Content data loader

Content data loader

The content data loader is the device used to load content onto the ACPU-2.

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